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Our select strains of CBD-rich hemp plants are grown organically across Canada, USA and the Netherlands. With over 40 years of cultivation experience our strains are specially monitored and cared for to ensure they are thriving at every stage of their growth, and that the CBD they produce is the highest in quality and purity. We only use the very best in our product collection.

Purity CBD Oil 10ml

10ml CBD Oil
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Available as 5%, 10% and 20%
Hemp or Fast-Acting MCT Oil

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Purity CBD Oil 15ml 10 bottle

15ml CBD Oil
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Available as 10% and 20%
Hemp or Fast-Acting MCT Oil

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30ml CBD Oil
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Hemp or Fast-Acting MCT Oil

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The Transparent Source

What is CBD Traceability
and Why it Matters

Being knowledgeable about the products you buy and where they come from is always important, maybe even more so with a product like CBD. To say that the CBD industry is expanding at lightning speed is an understatement, and the chances of this abruptly ending is slim to none. Because CBD has only recently become regulated, yet so many of us are using it for health and medicinal purposes, now is the time to investigate your CBD’s traceability.

Discreet, delicious, and convenient

CBD Edibles

Discreet, delicious, and convenient, Purity’s edibles are ideal for CBD users who want to enjoy CBD throughout the day without being too conspicuous. Whether you prefer having a CBD infused coffee or CBD infused gummy bears as a little burst of wellness on the go, Purity delivers. And, as the amount of CBD oil in Purity’s edibles has been meticulously and rigorously measured, they are an excellent means of controlling and monitoring your daily intake of CBD.

Does CBD Oil Work

Popular and Scientific Views

Does CBD oil work? A simple enough question to ask when you first consider trying Purity’s CBD oil for yourself. If you are at this stage of your research, chances are you have at least a preliminary idea about what CBD oil is. Unlike it’s well known cousin, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD itself does not have any psychoactive effects, but has been linked to its more healing, potentially medicinal, properties.

Soothe and relax

CBD & Hemp Beverages

There’s something especially restorative about indulging in your favorite hot drink. It gives us the ideal opportunity to pause and reflect, to re-balance and relax – and most importantly, to enjoy a moment totally for ourselves. With Purity Hemp Company’s selection of hemp and CBD infused beverages, this moment’s even more enjoyable. Blended with a perfect mix of natural soothing remedies like lavender and chamomile, or brewed with the finest organic arabica coffee beans, Purity Hemp Company are dedicated to helping you find that little moment of wellness – the way nature intended.

What is CBD oil?

Not All CBD Oils Are The Same

CBD oil has become a term synonymous with natural, attainable, wellness. Like many terms that end up, out of no fault of their own, representing an ideology beyond a product, CBD has become a bit of a blanket term. Much like caviar and champagne have come to represent the entire lifestyle of the ultra-rich, CBD represents the entire alternative wellness lifestyle.

For the body

CBD Topicals

Purity’s topical range provides a perfectly efficient method of achieving the healing effects of CBD oil without the need to ingest a single drop. Purity’s topical range uses skin as a natural pathway through which CBD oil can reach joints and tissues to work its magic in a localized way. This stimulates pain relief for aching muscles and is ideal for experiencing the more subtle benefits of CBD oil.

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We are a fully science-backed CBD brand that is built on truth, transparency & trust. Our brand promise is to continually improve life as nature intended with every product created by us.

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