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Purity Hemp Company’s 10% CBD oil drops are the perfect place to start on your journey to wellness – the way nature intended. If you are new to CBD oils and looking for an oil you can trust for product quality, traceability, advanced scientific methods, and environmental consciousness, Purity delivers without fail.

Purity’s 10% CBD Oil is available in two carrier oils, hemp or MCT oil and are ideal for anyone starting on their journey to improved wellness. This low dose premium CBD oil is great for taking throughout the day and offers a subtle CBD experience that can be built upon as you come to understand and learn how your body reacts to CBD.

Purity’s super-critical CO2 extraction process ensures that the cannabinoid profile remains intact throughout the entire extraction process. This provides all the natural and balanced phytochemical compounds for a perfect CBD entourage effect in every drop. And, Purity’s cultivation and selection process ensures the highest grade plants are harvested at the perfect moment for the best quality. 

Recommended Use

As with all CBD products, we recommend starting small and slowly building your tolerance to CBD to see optimal effects. For this 10% CBD Oil we suggest starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, based on your needs, try increasing this amount by 5mg weekly until you’re dose feels right. To measure this in terms of how many drops to take, let Purity’s dosing guide help:

  • One drop is about 0.05 milliliters
  • A 10mL bottle of CBD oil contains about 200 drops
  • For a 10mL bottle that contains 1,000mg (or 10%) CBD, each drop will contain around 5mg of CBD
  • To have 20mg of 10% CBD, take four drops – we recommend taking this amount twice daily
  • A 10ml bottle should last 20 days (based on 2 – 8 drops per day)
  • Do not exceed 2,000mg a day

Try taking a few drops under your tongue in the morning and experience the fast-acting results that make taking CBD oil sublingually so popular. Take after the gym to help ease aching, tired muscles or take throughout the day for a sense of calm. Or, try taking before bed to help regulate your sleep cycle and wake up rested. 

Recommended Storage

To store your 10% CBD oil, Purity suggests:

  • Keeping it in an upright position 
  • Keeping in a place with a  stable temperature 
  • Keeping it away from extreme light, heat, or moisture

A dry pantry cupboard is a great place to store your CBD oil, or in the refrigerator.

Whatever your needs may be, Purity’s 10% 1000mg CBD oil drops are excellent for taking as a supplement to assist in improving wellbeing.