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Purity Hemp Company’s 20% CBD oil drops are an ideal choice for those who have cultivated a working knowledge of their CBD needs and are looking for the next step up.

Purity’s 20% 2000mg CBD oil is non-GMO, THC free, and gluten-free, vegan friendly, and environmentally conscious.

Purity’s 20% CBD Oil is available in two carrier oils, hemp or MCT oil. It offers that little bit extra compared to those products lower percentages.  This concentration has a wide range of potential positive effects.

If your needs are more consistent and regular, this product can provide stronger, more noticeable results and is excellent for aches and pains or achieving a sense of calm. Purity’s stronger percentage of CBD oils are a great way to manage those symptoms that may be holding you back.

Purity’s supercritical CO2 extraction process ensures that the cannabinoid profile remains intact throughout the entire extraction process.

This provides all the natural and balanced phytochemical compounds for a perfect entourage effect in every drop. Purity’s cultivation and selection process ensures the highest grade plants are harvested at the perfect moment for the best quality. 

20% CBD Oil Recommended Use.

As with all CBD products, we recommend starting small and slowly building your tolerance to see optimal effects. For this 20% CBD Oil we suggest starting with 20 mg a day.

CBD oil 20% from Purity Hemp Co

After a week, based on your needs, try increasing this amount by 5 mg weekly until your dose feels right.

To measure this in terms of how many drops to take, let Purity’s dosing guide help:

  • One drop is about 0.05 millilitres
  • A 10mL bottle contains about 200 drops
  • For a 10mL bottle that contains 2,000mg (or 20%) CBD, each drop will contain around 10mg of CBD
  • To have 20mg of 20% CBD, take two drops. We recommend taking this amount twice daily to achieve that dose of CBD.
  • A 20ml bottle should last 20 days (based on 2 – 6 drops per day)
  • Do not exceed 2,000mg a day

Taken sublingually, Purity’s 2000mg drops are quickly absorbed into the system. They begin working more rapidly than edibles or topically applied products.

We suggest taking 1-2 drops in the morning and in the evening for the best experience.

Recommended Storage.

To store your oils, Purity suggests:

  • Keeping it in an upright position 
  • Keeping in a place with a  stable temperature 
  • Keeping it away from extreme light, heat, or moisture

A dry pantry cupboard is a great place to store your oil, or in the refrigerator.

High strength 20% CBD Oil – Choose Only the Finest Products.

Purity’s products contain more of the healing properties you can always count on. This means that you can get on with your day without needing to wait for the effects you desire. This oil is fast-acting, easily taken, effective, and pure.

Our products are gluten-free, vegan friendly, and environmentally conscious.

Our passion is to educate and support individuals to the natural benefits of pure products and offer consultation on nutrition, healthy living, mental stability and general wellbeing.

To ensure you get the best quality there must be traceability.

We believe that product traceability is the most important aspect for any customer considering buying Cannabis or Hemp-based products.

If you don’t know what’s in it, why would you buy it?

We are a challenger CBD brand that is built on trust, transparency, integrity, and confidence. Our brand promise is that every product created contains the highest quality ingredients and the finest CBD extracts. It has full traceability from seed to shelf.

At the heart of Purity Hemp Company, there is a deep desire to help to continually improve the quality of life for all our customers. Our brand is a force for good for those that need it most.