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5mg CBD per Pod | Mild

CBD Coffee Pods

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Vegan Friendly

100% Organic

Nespresso Compatible

Rich in taste and containing 5mg of CBD to give you a natural boost, our CBD coffee pods are the perfect daily pick-me-up.

The caffeine and CBD content are perfectly matched to energise and boost your mood, without the dreaded coffee jitters.

Packed with complex flavour notes, and designed to be Nespresso machine compatible, these CBD coffee pods are ideal for coffee lovers.

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Nespresso Compatible

Our pods are designed for Nespresso* coffee machines.

Coffee At Its Best

Crafted by third generation Italian Roasters with the finest Arabica Coffee beans, our coffee has a deep, nutty and premium flavour.

Freshly Harvested

Our premium Arabica coffee is mixed with freshly harvested hemp leaves and flowers, and then freeze dried for maximum quality and taste.

Caffeine and CBD

The caffeine works to energise while the CBD helps to calm, for a harmonious blend that both rejuvenates and relaxes. 

The Purity Hemp Co. Difference

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Organic Hand-Roasted Colombian Coffee Beans
Organic Canadian Hemp Oil
Organic Canadian Hemp Seeds
Organic Canadian Hemp Hearts
Designed for the Nespresso* coffee machine, 14 pods per tin, 5mg CBD per pod.
Place one pod in any compatible Nespresso* coffee machine and make it to your desired strength.
We like it as a single-shot espresso for example.
Add your milk or plant-based alternative and enjoy.

*Nespresso is a third-party brand name with no connection to Purity Wellness Group.
14 pods per tin, 5mg CBD per pod.

Our recommendation is 1-2 pods per day as required, therefore a single tin should last around 7-14 days.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends no more than 70mg of CBD be consumed a day (unless recommended by a medical professional), this 15g tin contains 14 pods with 5mg of CBD per pod. Therefore you can consume 14 pods per day.

All our CBD Oils and CBD Infused products are packed full of active phytocannabinoids and terpenes. They are 100% THC-free, laboratory tested with full certifications.

You can find our lab reports for this product here.

Always store your Purity Hemp Company products out of direct sunlight and keep out of the reach of children and animals. For 18+ only. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
FSA recommends no more than 70mg of CBD be consumed a day unless recommended by a medical professional.
Nespresso is a third-party brand name with no connection to Purity Wellness Group.


Good for

  • General Wellbeing Support
  • Focus
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Gut Health
  • Immunity Support

Our CBD Coffee Pods work to provide the ideal balance of therapeutic and mood boosting benefits, helping you to better manage fatigue and stress. 

The luxurious combination of hand-roasted Italian beans and hemp flowers offer a deep, nutty flavour profile, that refreshes you for the day ahead. 

100% THC free and made with the finest Arabica Coffee beans, this rejuvenating blend ensures you’ll enjoy the revitalizing boost of coffee without the unwanted caffeine jitters.

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Directions for Use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Add dose directly to your pet’s food, stirring it in if necessary
  • Use up to twice daily – (See dosage table for guidelines)
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

Weight of Pet Regular Dosage Strong Dosage
Up to 20lbs/9kg 1 to 4 drops 4 to 8 drops
20 to 40lbs/9-18kg 2 to 8 drops 8 to 16 drops
Over 40lbs/18kg 4 to 20 drops 16 to 40 drops

Contains Zero THC, chlorophyll free

*This product is sold for use by pets only, as it contains CBD Isolate.

We recommend discussing the use of CBD with a qualified vet, especially if your pet is pregnant or nursing a litter.

Keep out of sight or reach of children.