The Science

If you don’t know what’s in it, why would you buy it?

We are a challenger CBD brand that is built on trust, transparency, integrity, and confidence. Our brand promise is that every product created contains the highest quality ingredients and has full traceability from seed to shelf.

At the heart of Purity Hemp Company, there is a deep desire to help to continually improve the quality of life for all our customers. Our brand is a force for good for those that need it most.

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In this riveting talk, Rachel Knox, MD / MBA, explores the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the revolution of one. How we can take control to harness the power found in our own bodies.

“Our connection with the natural benefits of Cannabis Oil and the valuable bi-products of the Hemp Plant dates back to early 2000. After watching the health of family & friends rapidly deteriorate with the traditional treatment of synthetic pharmaceutical medicine, I witnessed the incredible effects that Cannabis Oil was having on people of all ages with life-changing results.”
Michael Walker
Founder of Purity Hemp Co.
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Michael Walker Founder Purity Hemp Company