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Does CBD Expire? What You Need to Know

Yes, Cannabidiol (CBD) does expire. Shelf life typically ranges from 1–2 years from the date of manufacture, though this depends on a number of factors, including extraction method, ingredients and storage. 

Factors that Affect CBD Shelf Life

As with all natural products, Cannabidiol (CBD) has a shelf life. This typically ranges from 1-2 years, though there are a number of factors that affect the shelf life of CBD products. 

  1. Extraction Method

The means of extraction can impact how long CBD lasts for. Carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction — the safest, cleanest and purest method of cannabidiol extraction — is considered to produce products with the longest possible shelf life, as it maximises the amount of CBD that is yielded. Ethanol extraction, on the other hand, can lead to a much shorter shelf life. 

  1. Quality 

CBD products made with premium, organic ingredients, tend to have a longer shelf life than those made with synthetic ingredients or chemicals. The growing conditions and quality of the hemp plant, as well as the production processes, will also impact shelf life. 

Authorised sellers will have received approval from the Foods Standards Agency (FSA), and will tend to have higher standards than unregulated sellers. You should check vendor details and read individual products’ lab reports before purchase, to ensure you are getting the highest-quality CBD from a reliable and reputable source. 

  1. Ingredients

CBD products will sometimes contain additives, such as flavourings, preservatives, or sweeteners, which can affect their shelf life. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to shelf life  — each ingredient will have its own expiration date, some of which can degrade the product earlier. 

  1. Packaging

Products stored in glass or plastic containers are more susceptible to expiration and a shorter shelf life, as exposure to light causes CBD to degrade. Products stored in airtight and opaque containers, on the other hand, will last much longer. Even better if these are medical-grade.

At Purity Hemp, we store our organic CBD oils in black bottles to keep light out, and ensure it remains as effective as the day it was extracted.

  1. Storage

Exposure to heat, light, and moisture can all lead to degradation and a shorter shelf life. CBD products should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat to preserve its potency.

A good rule of thumb is to store your CBD as you would other oils — in a pantry or dark cupboard, at room temperature, away from excess heat or cold.

How to Tell if CBD Is Expired

There should be an expiration date on your CBD that tells you when it expires, though improper storage can cause it to expire earlier. If you’re not sure if your CBD has expired, there are several factors to look out for:

  1. Smell – CBD tends to have an earthy, herbal, or floral smell If the smell has changed, in particular if it now has a pungent or rancid odour, this could be a sign that your CBD has expired. 
  2. Texture – If the texture of the CBD product has changed, for example if the oil has turned thick or looks to be separating in the bottle, this could be a sign that it has gone past its expiration date. 
  3. Taste – CBD oil tends to have a mild earthy or grassy flavour, so if it’s bitter or unpleasant, it might have gone off. 
  4. Colour – If the colour of the CBD product has changed, for example if a clear oil has turned cloudy or dark, this could be a sign that it has degraded and expired. 

Can You Get Sick From Expired CBD?

It is unlikely that you will get sick if you consume expired CBD. In fact, you are unlikely to experience any adverse reactions to out-of-date CBD. However, cannabinoids degrade and lose their potency over time, and won’t produce the desired therapeutic effects. 

The Lowdown

CBD does expire, but the average shelf life of 1-2 years should be enough for you to finish the product before it’s past this. In addition, purchasing a high-quality product and storing it in the correct manner can help your CBD to last longer.

We are Purity Hemp, the UK’s #1 Online CBD Shop. Backed by science, and built on the principles of traceability, transparency & trust, we are dedicated to improving the health & wellness of all our customers.

We are proud to be one of the only companies to guarantee full traceability from seed to shelf with our premium range of products. 

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