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Michael Walker – My Story in Cannabis

Portrait shot of Michael Walker - CEO and Founder of Purity Hemp Company

My journey into the world of Hemp and Cannabis was not one that I would have ever considered – certainly not growing up in a strict Catholic family in Canada.

But after watching the deterioration and then the death of my mother and closest friend as a direct result of addictive synthetic prescriptions (Opioids), followed then by the passing of my sister with cancer, we wanted to find an alternative option for treatment. As a family and personal network, we felt standard medical options seemed to be directed by traditional thinking and fuelled by the greed of Big Pharma that poisoned those closest to us.

Over the last decade, my frustration and anger continued to fester as I lost more colleagues and friends to Opioid addiction and substance abuse which showed no distinction between age, gender, or race. 

The only consistent factor in these personal tragedies was the plethora of pills legally prescribed by doctors to suppress rather than cure these diseases, leading to a generation of addicts and one of the biggest threats society faces today – mental and physical illness!

As governments pulled the funding for leading Homeopathic institutions who were advancing research into the natural benefits of the cannabis plant and new strains, critical R&D was made illegal and driven underground.  At the same time, leading medical advisory committees continued to demonise Cannabis and Hemp, while Pharmaceutical companies dismissed meaningful research as ‘fictitious’. Consequently, we lost another decade of research and radical progress that could potentially offer a better quality of life to literally millions of sufferers, due to scaremongering campaigns funded by Big Pharma. 

Fast forward to 2020 and thanks to the internet highway of free-flowing information, the Cannabis and Hemp landscape has been transformed. We have become aware of many positive results and breakthroughs made by private organisations and underground networks advancing the knowledge of Cannabis with new technologies and cultivating methodology that leads to life-changing opportunities.  

It was at this point that I knew what I had to do, and more importantly, what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – deliver the message that controlled production and extraction of CBD products was as important as the numerous wellbeing benefits that could now be proven. 

I set out to create the Purity Wellness Group and introduce the Purity Hemp Company to the UK and European audiences in early 2016.  I want to create a brand that helped educate consumers on the use of CBD products and instil confidence in the results, while highlighting the importance of pure and high-quality products.  Today, we are cultivating and preparing the highest quality CBD and Hemp-based products, grown with experience, and developed/formulated with passion across the Netherlands, Canada, and the USA.

I was under no illusion that this was going to be the biggest challenge I would face personally and professionally. Still, I knew that I did not have to be the first CBD company to market, but we needed to be the most trusted CBD company in the market!  

That’s why we built the Purity Hemp Company with three fundamental principles – Traceability, Transparency & Trust.  

Traceability: Customers need to know how and where the original plants are grown and what is in the products they buy. We don’t talk about it…we show it. We’re incredibly proud of our farms – so why not share it with our customers? We installed live webcams on one of our farms which allows customers to see for themselves our organic Hemp plants growing. The customer is literally with us through every step of our process from ‘Seed to Shelf’. They can view our live videos at each stage and share the entire life cycle of our plants and products.  

Very few companies globally can do this! We select the Hemp seed strains that we want to grow; we select the regions with the best nutrient rich soil, cleanest water, perfect growing conditions (weather); and we partner with the most experienced cultivators of Organic Hemp anywhere on the planet.  We conduct onsite laboratory testing to ensure that the Hemp plant is growing as mother nature intended and take samples during the growing cycle to make sure the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles are perfect.  We then wait till the optimal time to harvest, using the most advanced farming equipment to protect the flowers, leaves and seeds. Proprietary science extraction methods are used to ensure we get the very best of the plant as we prepare the highest quality products for our customers. 

Transparency: Sadly, the CBD industry is rife with criminal behaviour and unscrupulous brands that knowingly sell low-quality CBD products online or on the High Street with little or no benefits. In contrast, the Purity Hemp Company has created an open and honest relationship with the consumer, our employees, colleagues and partners which allow us to bring the best products to market and operate legally and ethically. 

Trust: Our growing brand reputation comes from our passion for improving life as nature intended. Backed by science, new technologies and the latest product innovations, we want consumers to reach out and engage, learn, listen, and share in the natural benefits found in our Hemp-based products. Our commitment to helping improve the mental and physical health of all customers is why they should trust us. 

As with many worthwhile endeavours, this journey has been challenging. Trying to navigate an unregulated industry and deal with the barriers to staying legal and compliant has been extremely difficult. But that is what we needed to do, and we’ve achieved it!

Our CBD oil products are the first in the UK to receive Gold Standard drug free quality certification from the Banned Substance Control Group in Los Angeles.

Now we are focused on helping people in all walks of life to take charge of their mental and physical wellness. If we can assist them in coping pain or the anxieties that are taking hold of their lives in the crazy time’s we find ourselves in, then our mission will have been fully accomplished.  

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