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Purity Hemp Company Partnership Announcement – A First in Professional Cricket!

Purity Hemp Company Partnership

The Purity Hemp Company have announced a two-year partnership with Professional Cricket Association & the Professional Cricketers’ Trust. The UK’s leading medical CBD Company will now provide exclusive access to the natural benefits found in Cannabinoids derived from the Hemp plant.

The product range has been developed based on medical and scientific advancements specifically to help athletes optimise their performance and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The collaboration started back in 2019, with both the PCA and the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, by introducing the product range for individuals to test and experience the natural benefits.

The ability to share the medical and scientific evidence with the supporting certifications allowed the relationship to gain traction within the association.

Michael Walker, CEO of the Purity Hemp Company, commented, “when we created the Purity Hemp Company, back in 2016, we didn’t need to be the first to market; we needed to be the best and safest in market.

Walker continues “over the last six years, our strategy has focused on the science and the medical evidence that premium cannabinoids can have on our physical and metal heath.

We have shared the results with elite and professional governing bodies across sport and continue to work with leading medical authorities to help treat and advance our understanding natural health benefits derived from this plant.

I needed to provide conclusive evidence and gain the trust and confidence of the governing bodies, and prove that we could consistently produce organic, Drug-free natural extracts.

The key to our success was the accreditation and certification from the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG), the leading global testing authority for Olympic and professional sporting associations. By working directly with our farmers and scientific teams, we can control the entire seed to shelf process, ensuring that our products are pharmaceutical grade broad-spectrum extract that is certified for sport and will help improve life as nature intended.”

Chairman of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, David Ford commented: “The welfare of our players, family and wider community, is our core responsibility. If we can introduce products that can safely make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our members, then it is our duty to do so. Michael and his team have continued to work to the highest standards, and we look forward to continuing to develop this partnership”.

In addition to the partnership program, Purity Hemp Co will start to develop various case studies with both current and existing players to capture the results from muscle and body recovery and targeting key areas of injury or discomfort. The study will look to capture the participant’s day-to-day improvements and general health and focus on improving any anxiety, depression, or sleep deficiency they may be experiencing.

David continued:

The partnership will allow us to expand our relationship with the Purity Hemp Co by allowing our members to have access to safe and natural products that I have tried and found beneficial. Their commitment to medical and scientific accreditation and certification has provided the confidence that the Purity Hemp Company was the right partnership.

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